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The inequality of human races.

Essay on the Inequality of Human Races

by Gobineau, Arthur, comte de, Publication date Topics Race relations, Civilization, Ethnology. Publisher London: William Heinemann. Collection prscr; unclibraries; americana.

An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races

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French aristocrat, novelist and man of letters who became famous for developing the racialist theory of the Aryan master race in his book "An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races" De Gobineau went to a French diplomatic school and became a diplomat in the USA, Norway, Brazil and Persia.3/5.

Gobineau on the inequality of races () Joseph-Arthur, Count de Gobineau (), was a French aristocratic novelist, diplomat, and theorist whose ideas greatly influenced the development of racist thought in Europe and the United States.

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In race: Gobineau’s Essay on the Inequality of Human Races. The most important promoter of racial ideology in Europe during the midth century was Joseph-Arthur, comte de Gobineau, who had an almost incalculable effect on late 19th-century social theory.

Gobineau essay inequality
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