Philosophy essay prizes

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ENGAGED IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD. We offer traditional areas of philosophy along with research and teaching in the more directly practical areas of bioethics, environmental philosophy and ethics, and social and political thought.

Faculty are producing important scholarship in traditional philosophical sub-disciplines. Philosophy students build a variety of versatile skills that are highly desirable to employers.

These skills will serve well in a wide range of career paths, and throughout life. Apache/ (Unix) mod_hive/ OpenSSL/e-fips mod_fastcgi/ Server at Port Is it really too traumatizing for college students to read "The Great Gatsby?" That's the idea behind the "trigger warnings" professors are putting on some books -- including "Gatsby" -- as well as articles and movies their students are expected to study.

Established inthe Lloyd Davies Philosophy Prize is an essay competition open to students in Year 12 or the Lower 6th.

New Essay Prize For Early Career Philosophers

The first prize is £, and there may also be a second prize of £

Philosophy essay prizes
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